Undercover NYPD Officer Directly Involved With Motorcycle Gang's SVU Driver Beatdown

Reports show that an off-duty, undercover police officer was present and may have actively been involved in the chase down and beating of a man in New York City on September 29th.

As reported in a past Opposing Views story, the beating occurred after Alexian Lien, who was driving down the West Side Highway with his wife and 2-year-old child in the vehicle, accidentally rear-ended a motorcycle that was riding in a large group. The group of bikers then surrounded Lien’s vehicle in the middle of the highway, not letting him through, when Lien decided to hit the gas and drive through the group.

After apparently injuring one of the motorcyclists, Lien was then chased by the rest of the large group, when the chase finally came to a stop due to traffic off an exit. Video shows some of the bikers going to the man’s SUV and smashing in the windows, and according to reports, subsequently pulled Wien out of the car to beat him.

The officer involved, whose name is not yet being released by the NYPD, allegedly waited three days to tell the department that he was involved in the incident. The cop claims that he did not witness the beating, but just rode up on his motorcycle right after the incident occurred, but reports show that he actually smashed in the back window of the car with his fist.

After admitting that he was present during the incident, the officer apparently turned in his gun and badge, and has been put on modified duty.

The investigation into the attack is still ongoing, but so far, four people have been arrested and charged in direct connection to the chase down and beating.


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