Undercover Detective Arrested for Joining NYC Biker Attack on SUV (Video)


Undercover New York City police detective Wojciech Braszczok was arrested on Tuesday after video footage surfaced of him allegedly joining a bikers’ attack against Alexian Lien’s SUV.

According to CNN, Braszczok was seen in a video hitting and kicking the SUV while Lien was trying to escape the “Hollywood Stuntz” bikers during a bizarre chase on Sept. 29 (video below).

The wild chase around Manhattan ended with Lien being pulled out of his vehicle, beaten and cut with a knife by some of the bikers.

Braszczok was charged with riot and criminal mischief.

Braszczok’s lawyer Phil Karasyk told investigators on Monday that the cop had only witnessed the attack, noted CBS New York.

The NYPD claims that Braszczok did not tell them that he was at the incident until three days later.

If Braszczok was part of the attack, it opens a huge potential lawsuit by Lien against New York City and the NYPD. To make matters worse, there may have been two more undercover police present as well.

So far three bikers have been charged with felonies, but other members of the biker group are upset that Lien has not been charged because he supposedly started the incident, notes the Los Angeles Times.

“If he’d just apologized and stopped and said, ‘I’m sorry,’ we would have probably forgiven him,” biker Louis Castaldo told the New York City TV news show “Good Day New York.”

However, a video of the incident appears to show an unidentified biker intentionally slowing down so that Lien's SUV would bump him, which started the crazy chase.

Sources: CNN, Los Angeles Times, CBS New York


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