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Video: Race Relations & the War on Drugs

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By Allen St. Pierre

Among the three subgroups of Americans that need special attention from cannabis law reformers—women, seniors and minorities—recently, John

McWhorter, a lecturer at Columbia University and author of many books, and formerly a scholar at Berkeley and the Manhattan Institute, gave an interesting talk on “Race Relations and the War on Drugs” at a Cato Institute seminar in New York.

In future, it would behoove the current public discourse regarding ‘Reefer Madness and Race’ to get Mr. McWhorter and NAACP’s Cailifornia director Alice Huffman on stage together because whether African Americans are conservative or liberal the war on some drugs disproportionately impacts minority communities by readily creating remarkable social, economic and legal disparities that ending Cannabis Prohibition can certainly help to address and outright alleviate.



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