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Uncaring Paris Hilton Adds a Pig to Her Animal Collection

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Paris has done it again. She's gotten herself another animal. This time
she's purchased a pot-bellied pig who will surely be tossed aside
faster than last year's "it" bag when the skeevy socialite tires of him.

Pot bellied pigs are inquisitive animals who require a lot of care and attention. Paris has burned through Chihuahuas, ferrets, and kinkajous
in the past, so there's no reason to think that an animal who will
undoubtedly root through her precious Manolos will grow old by her side
as her BFF.

Pot-bellied pigs were all the rage in the 80s, a decade that had
some truly unfortunate trends, but Paris seems bent on resurrecting
them all. It's one thing for her to rake up fashion violations like this, but it's quite another to make animals suffer. If we could have the ex-con arrested for being so uncaring, we would.


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