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UNC Income Equality Law Professor Makes More Than $200,000 Teaching One Class

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The issue of income equality within the United States can be a difficult one to solve, especially if those in positions of power or influence are actually making a great deal of money themselves. That’s the somewhat hypocritical position Gene Nichol has found himself facing, as it has been revealed that the income equality advocate makes more than $200,000 each year for teaching just one college course.

Nichol is a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law, where it has been revealed that he makes $205,400 teaching one class each semester.

Despite the criticism against him, Nichol has maintained that he deserves his relatively steep salary. He even makes extra money for additional work at the school.

“I’m a full time faculty member, doing all the varied things faculty members do,” said Nichol, according to the Inquistr. “Beyond that, I’m paid $7,500 to run the poverty center, the same as all the other law school center directors.”

Nichol has been known for his controversial opinions, and the accusations of hypocrisy likely represent another attempt to knock him down in any way possible. The professor also has written several columns in the local North Carolina newspapers, many of which have been critical of Republican lawmakers and supportive of Nichols’ own left-leaning political agenda. 

According to the News Observer, the University of North Carolina even asked Nichol to give them a “heads up” before publishing a critical article in the newspaper and to add a disclaimer that his views do not reflect those of the university. 

Of course, Nichol would be the first to point out that he has a right to freedom of speech, as well as the right to earn as much money as he can while still fighting for a more fair and equal distribution of income in the United States. 


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