Unbelievably Drunk Woman Arrested After Trying To Drive Child Home From School


A Florida woman's blood alcohol level was over five times the legal driving limit when she tried to pick a child up from school last Friday. According to police, Reneta Congleton smashed her vehicle into multiple cars before being arrested by Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies.

Trinity Elementary School staff called police to report that Congleton was “extremely drunk” when she tried to pick up a child from school. Administrators refused to let the child leave with Congleton, and she drove off alone.

When Pasco County deputies caught up with Congleton, she was sitting on her stoop at home. Her car showed obvious damage from an accident, and she swore at deputies as they asked her questions. When a deputy moved in to handcuff her, she kicked and scratched him.

Deputies administered a blood test to Congleton after detaining her. The test found she had a ridiculous .413 BAC – over five times the legal driving limit of .08.

After her arrest, Congleton was charged with child neglect, battery on an officer and resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $15,000.

Sources: WFLA, Huffington Post


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