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Unarmed Seattle Man Dustin Theoharis Shot 16 Times By Officers, Files $20 Million Lawsuit

Dustin Theoharis is suing a King County sheriff’s deputy and a Department of Corrections officer after the two barged into his home and shot him 16 times.

The claim has been filed against the Department of Corrections for $20 million to support Theoharis in a life that doctors said will never be the same.

The young man had his 12th surgery this week.

Sheriff’s detective Aaron Thompson and Department of Corrections specialist Kris Rongen said they were searching for a man who had violated parole when they knocked down Theoharis’ door.

Theoharis was not that man.

They reportedly saw Theoharis in bed reaching for a gun — though there were no weapons found in the apartment after an investigation — and shot in self-defense.

“I would say they opened the door and started shooting,” said Shane Harrison, Theoharis’ roommate.

On Wednesday, county leaders gathered to hear a report justifying the officers’ actions, with many questioning how deadly force became necessary.

"I haven't seen anything to suggest that they've acknowledged any wrongdoing or mistakes," said his attorney, Erik Heipt. "Nothing about ordering new training or anything."

King County has agreed to pay $3 million to avoid litigation while the sheriff’s office and police guild bargain to make recommended changes.

Sources: Komo News, King 5


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