Unarmed Man Shot and Killed By Officers While Running Away from Police


A man in Texas who ran from police and was shot dead as a result was unarmed, reports now show.

28-year-old Clinton Peterson has been identified as the man who was shot and killed by police officers. The Utah resident was running from police in Duncanville, Texas when the fatal shots were fired.

"I'm not aware of how many shots were fired or who shot," said Duncanville police officer Doug Sisk. "I know shots were fired is all I know."

According to reports, police responded to a disturbance call on Monday at the home of Peterson’s sister Melissa where the woman said he wouldn’t leave.

"My friend had called the cops because she just wanted him to go home and calm down," said Melissa.

When police approached Peterson with guns drawn, witnesses say, he started to back away with his hands in his pocket and began to run. Friend and witness Shayanna Gallegos says that she yelled to the officers not to shoot Peterson.

"I'm halfway down the street and I hear one gun shot, but Clint's still running from him with his hands in his pocket and his back towards the cop," said Gallegos. "Next thing you know I'm already jumping distance between the cop and I hear one more shot and Clint instantly hits the ground."

While police originally wouldn’t say whether or not Peterson was armed, it’s now being reported that he was unarmed.

Friends and witnesses are outraged that the officers shot and killed the man when he was unarmed, and police have yet to really comment on this case at all. Peterson does have a criminal history, but relatives say that he was not at all a violent person and should not have been killed so senselessly.

“That cop was out to kill him,” said Melissa Peterson. “"If he's going to go out there and do it to my brother, it could be somebody else, and there's going to be another innocent soul taken.”

Clinton Peterson had a four-year-old daughter who currently lives with his ex wife.


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