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Dallas Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man

An unarmed man was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in Dallas, Texas on Sunday.

According to Dallas police, the suspect charged at the officer before being shot.

The slain man is Andrew Scott Gaynier, 26, and the officer is Senior Corporal Antonio Hudson.

Corporal Hudon was on Extended Neighborhood Patrol when the incident happened. He was called to the scene in response to a report that Gaynier was making lewd comments to passing females.

When Hudson arrived, he saw Gaynier stop a vehicle with a family inside and try to get in the car. Hudson gave loud verbal commands to Gaynier telling him to step away from the car. Gaynier turned away from the car, but then started rushing towards Hudson. Hudson shot Gaynier multiple times, killing him.

Several witnesses say Hudson ordered Gaynier multiple times to stop and put his hands in the air, but Gaynier ignored each command. A nearby surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape, but police are not releasing the footage at this time.

Gaynier was unarmed when he was shot, NBC Dallas Fort-Worth reports. 

Gaynier’s attorney called his death a “tragic situation” but said he will wait to comment further as the Dallas Police Department conducts an investigation.

 "Andy was unarmed and shot multiple times by a police officer,” the attorney’s statement says. “This tragic situation is beyond this point we are waiting for the Dallas Police Department to conclude their investigation…” 

Sources: Fox DFW, NBC DFW


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