Unarmed U.S. Airman Shot by Police After Traffic Accident


U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Michael Davidson was reportedly shot by an Opelika, Ala. police officer after a traffic accident last Thursday.

Davidson was traveling to an Air Force base in North Carolina when he bumped a semi-truck with his driver’s side mirror, noted OANow.com.

Davidson then got out of his car to exchange insurance information with the other driver on Interstate 85. He had his information in one hand and nothing in the other.

“He remembers hearing a yell coming from someone behind him," Davidson's father, Billy Davidson, told PanolaWatchman.com. "He saw the reflection of flashing lights on the truck he was beside and, realizing it was the police, raised his arms and turned around.”

That’s when Officer Phillip Hancock shot Michael Davidson in the stomach.

“The officer was yelling at Michael, asking where the ‘other person’ was," added his dad. "Michael was traveling alone, and has no idea who the ‘other person’ is. Michael remembers seeing the officers searching his vehicle while he was laying on the ground. He tried to sit up and [ask] why he was shot, but he was pushed back to the ground and told to stay down."

The angry dad said his son nearly bled to death, but police claim their officers and emergency medical personnel responded “as quickly as possible.”

Billy Davidson said his son suffered bullet injuries to his stomach and colon. "As a result, he’s probably out of the Air Force," he said.

“They didn’t even have the decency to call and let me know one of their people had shot my son," recalled Billy Davidson. "I didn’t find out about it until around lunchtime Friday. An investigator calls telling me he was investigating the shooting ... and that’s how I was told. That wouldn’t have happened in Texas. I’d have known about it within 30 minutes if it had happened in Texas.”

Opelika Police Department Chief John McEachern said the incident is still under investigation, but hopes to have answers by next week.

“Our prayers are with the victim and his family, without a doubt,” added McEachern.

Sources: OANow.com and PanolaWatchman.com


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