Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Scandal Highlights The Rise Of The 'Selfie'


By now you have certainly heard about the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal. Female celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, model Kate Upton, and actress Kirsten Dunst were among the reported 100 female celebrities whose iCloud accounts were hacked in an organized attack on their accounts. The unknown hacker threatened to release all the nude photos on the Internet.

Of course such a hacking attack is terrible and whomever is behind it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the invasion of privacy. There is the added issue that apparently some of the nude photos stolen of gymnast Maroney were from when she was a minor, which means the hacker and anyone looking at those photos could be charged with child pornography. According to one report, “Anyone who owns or shares - this includes all views or downloads - photos of anyone under the age of 18 is subject to prosecution pursuant to US law.”

The attack should certainly be a wake up call to Apple and other cloud service provider of just how vulnerable these storage services are. Anyone using such cloud storage, and most of us probably do these days, should also use this event to learn that we need to be much more careful about what we put on the cloud and what we use as our secure passwords. Seems like nothing is as secure as it seems when it comes to web and computer security.

But with that being said I have to ask the obvious question here. Why were all these women taking nude photos of themselves? What is that all about? And by the way - this is not an attack on women, as I know there certainly are men who feel the need to take photos of themselves showing off their private parts. But I am right now referring to this recent hacking case which found over 100 well known women who felt the need to take photos of themselves, or let someone else take photos of them, wearing nothing at all.

Call me old school but I just don’t understand the need to photograph oneself naked and save it or send it. Even if I had the body for it, it just doesn’t make sense, especially so for people like celebrities who know that such images could be a major embarrassment or at least do a bit of damage to their image. It just seems like the height of ego, the height of the whole “look at me” narcissism that has made taking selfies such a common thing these days.

People, including celebrities, have a right to privacy and yes, the right to photograph themselves any way they choose. And breaking into someone’s cloud server is no different than breaking into their home and stealing physical nude photos. But storing such things on your phone or on a cloud is just asking for trouble. I always say people have the right to be stupid, so a stupid act does not give someone the right to victimize them.

But I just can’t get over the fact that some people are so vain and yes, unthinking, that they feel it is a good idea to take naked photos of themselves and share or save them through the air. And definitely why are their naked pictures of an underaged Mulroney in the first place? Get the hackers. But equally important, people should get over themselves. Use the mirror if you want to see yourself naked.


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