UN Report Shows U.S. Is One Of Three Nations Without Paid Maternity Leave


According to a new report published by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization, there are only three nations worldwide that do not provide new mothers with paid maternity leave: Papau New Guinea, Oman and the United States. 

Each of the remaining 182 nations which were surveyed by the UN offer some form of monetary compensation for new mothers — either by mandating that a private employer supply a percentage of a woman’s pay or by offering compensation in the form of government payment. 107 the nations use national security plans to fund the leave, while 45 countries force employees to pick up the tab, and 30 countries use some mix of the two. 

Although paid maternity leave is not offered in the United States, federal law requires employers to offer at least 12 weeks of unpaid leave for new mothers. Additionally, California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island all offer their own paid maternity leave on a state-wide basis. 

According to RT, paid paternity leave is also offered in 70 countries. 


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