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Ultrasound Scan Appears To Show 'Angel' Watching Over Unborn Baby (Photos)

A heartwarming photo of an ultrasound scan that appears to show an angel looking over the fetus is going viral just days after a photo of a demonlike figure in another ultrasound made the rounds online.

Mother Kelly Lewis, 26, shared a photo of her ultrasound scan, which appears to show an angelic figure looking down at her unborn baby. According to Lewis, a friend of hers first noticed the figure in the scan.

“It looks just like an angel is leaning over my baby, with a  cherub face as well hovering over the baby,” Lewis told the Mirror. “It’s so clear, no one could believe their eyes when they saw it.”

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Lewis’ ultrasound was taken in 2012, but she recently shared the image after another ultrasound image showing what looks like a demon next to a fetus went viral after being posted to Imgur.

“When I saw the demon pictures I wanted to share the angel as an antidote,” Lewis said. “It’s a lovely thing to have.”

The mother said the image of the angel next to her daughter Harper, now 3 years old, makes her feel as though her daughter is “blessed.”

The other photo going viral doesn’t give viewers the same heartwarming feeling. Many Imgur users say that the figure to the right of the baby looks like a demon or a Hindu goddess.

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The demon photo has been viewed nearly 2 million times since being uploaded on Jan. 1.

Sources: MirrorImgur / Photo credit: Kelly Lewis via Mirror

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