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UK's Oldest Black Newspaper 'The Voice' Denied Press Passes for Olympics

Great Britain’s oldest black newspaper, The Voice, been denied media credentials at the 2012 London Olympics, sparking outrage across the country.

The Voice published an article last week stating that the British Olympic Association (BOA) denied its request to cover the Olympic Games.

The British Olympic Association said that The Voice was denied because of an “extraordinary interest and demand from UK media” even though the magazine has “led a high-profile campaign highlighting London’s cosmopolitan culture, and the games itself were won on the back of the city’s rich diversity.”

The decision sparked protests on social networks and a petition drive led by activist Zita Holbourne, who told The Voice: “Given the number of black athletes that are competing in the Olympics that Team GB rely on for Olympic success, no accreditation for the biggest-selling black newspaper is just atrocious.”

Lester Holloway, a former The Voice reporter, said it reminded him of when “we had to fight the parliamentary authorities to get accreditation to cover for the House of Commons. There were no black journalists at that time. It was a hard fought battle that went on for number of years and eventually we were allowed in. The fact that we are here again in 2012, shows how behind the times the Olympic authorities are.”


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