Ukraine Foreign Minister Calls Vladimir Putin A ‘Dickhead’

Acting Foreign Minister of the Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia defended Russia’s right to have an embassy in Ukraine and asked anti-Moscow protesters to refrain from attacking the building Sunday.

When the angry crowd said he was infringing on their right to protest, Deshchytsia admitted he thinks “Putin is a dickhead.”

Young demonstrators gathered outside the Russian embassy in Kiev Sunday after pro-Russian militants shot down a plane in Luhansk on Saturday, killing all 49 military servicemen on board. The crowd painted swastikas on the gates and threw eggs at the building, before overturning cars outside.

"We must fulfill our international obligations, including defending the right of Russia to have an embassy in Ukraine," Deshchytsia addressed the crowd.

The crowd challenged him.

"Did I say that I am against you protesting?" he asked. "I am for you protesting. I am ready to be here with you and say 'Russia, get out of Ukraine.'

“Yes, Putin is a dickhead," he added.

Hundreds of demonstrators chanted the phrase, "Putin khuilo," back to him over and over again.

The word "khuilo" is a Russian obscenity that translates roughly to "dickhead" or "f---er,” according to International Business Times.

The Kremlin demanded Deshchytsia resign over the outburst.

"I can't really imagine how anyone, especially a Russian representative, can sit down at the negotiating table with him after such an outburst," Russian Foreign policy official Leonid Kalashnikov told a Russian radio station.

Sunday was declared a national day of mourning in Ukraine after the Luhansk plane was shot down. It is the greatest loss of life in a single incident since the “anti-terror” campaign was launched in eastern Ukraine.

Sources: International Business Times, Mediaite


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