Man Jumps Train Station Turnstile, Knocks Himself Unconscious (Video)


Rather than pay for a train ticket, fare dodger Zossima Sozonov jumped a turnstile and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

The middle-aged man was at the Klovsk station when the accident occurred.

The embarrassing tumble left Sozonov with a fractured skull and blood streaming down his face.

“We don't make the barriers very high because we hope that people will respect the need to pay for the service,” Kiev metro operator spokesperson Leo Aksakov said. “It's more of a symbolic gesture just to remind people more than anything else.”

Security staff who witnessed the incident recorded it and then released the video footage to the public as a warning to other fare dodgers.

“It seems that even a symbolic gesture was too much for this man, who we hope will think twice before attempting to avoid buying a ticket, and serve as a warning to others,” Aksakov said.

According to Aksakov, Sozonov was unconscious for 10 seconds following his stunt.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Credit: YouTube


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