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UK: Your Dog Kills Someone, You Get a Life Sentence

With 16 people dead by dogs since 2005, the UK now has a proposal that can give the owner of a killing dog, a life sentence. Currently the law can only give two years imprisonment for the act but the Ministers don't fee that is enough for the deed. If your dog attacks, the sentence will be 10 years.

The union representing postmen and telecoms engineers welcomed the proposal. Their membership sees 5,000 attacks a year and some owners are fined a small amount. This proposal will match sentencing to the serious nature of the offense. The proposal was launched yesterday by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The UK wants to protect their citizens from vicious dogs and has had BSL in force for awhile. This proposal broadens the original scope so that owners can be prosecuted for attacks on private property and will give the police more effective powers.

The UK is experiencing an all time high for attacks on guide dogs. In addition a total of 240 attacks were reported between March 2011 and February 2013.

Let's compare with the USA. Since 2005, the USA has had 167 deaths by pit bulls alone, Total deaths from all breeds since 2005 are 251. How are we protecting our citizens from these deadly attacks? Instead of passing laws, our society has decided to save these attacking killers. It's not unusual for the dog, especially the pit bulls, to be "saved" and sent to sanctuaries such as Spindletop or Olympic Animal Sanctuary. These are 'sanctuaries' for those dogs unable to function in or unfit for society. Why are we saving these dogs, taking space for them, investing money in them, when so many are dying in shelter for lack of space and money?

There are over 400 breeds of dogs, breeds that were specifically and selectively breed for certain traits. Yet, one breed type is doing the majority of severe attacks and fatalities - the pit bull or gripping dogs. Gripping dogs include the Presa Canario, the Dogo Argentino, the Tosa Inu, the Fila Brasileiro, the Cane Corso, and the Presa Mallorquin, all fighting dogs, bred for fighting. And these gripping dogs/Pit Bulls account for the vast majority of severe attacks and deaths. These breeds were never meant to be pets.

This country is moving much too slowly in protecting citizens and beloved pets from these breeds. The backlash from the No Kill movement and the pit bull advocates hinders moving ahead to prevent these attacks and deaths. Myths have evolved to make the pit bull look more appealing as a pet, myths such as the nanny dog. Never was the pit referred to as a nanny dog until a breeder called them that in the 1980's. Even the group in the forefront of protecting pit bulls admitted that the nanny dog is a myth on their facebook page recently.

The pit community insists that the attacks are from abused pits, although the evidence does show otherwise. If that is the case, then why is this community fighting the one thing that can keep pits from the hands of those abusers? Could it be that they don't want to change, they want to keep the "game" in the pit bull? It is estimated that only 25% of pit bulls are neutered in comparison to the national average of 87% for all canines. Again, the pit community fights BSL that would dictate mandatory spay/neuter.

With all the evidence to show why we need BSL for pit bulls, the writing is on the wall. It's time we stepped up to the plate about this issue like the UK has done. Too many mothers and fathers have endured closed casket funerals. This father has endured it and now speaks out about it. He believed the myth. Demand changes, demand that legislators protect us with laws that try to prevent victims, rather than the current laws that require a victim first. You aren't safe even in your own home when it comes to pit bulls. This is a serious matter unless you are a hermit. If you function in society, take walks in your neighborhood, go to dog parks, or even your own backyard, then you need to be concerned.


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