U.K. Woman Finds Scary Surprise In Her Bananas (Photo)


A U.K. mom found a very unwelcome surprise in her bananas recently.

Abby Woodgate says she discovered the “bonus” shortly after buying a bunch of bananas from a local Tesco.

She first thought she spotted a patch of mold on the bananas. But after prodding at the apparent mold, a cocoon opened. That cocoon was harboring eggs from a Brazilian wandering spider – one of the most venomous arachnids in the world.

Woodgate vacuumed up the eggs and called Tesco. The company sent pest control experts out to her house, who confirmed the eggs belonged to a Brazilian wandering spider. Given how dangerous the species is, the pest control experts decided to incinerate her vacuum.

Here’s a picture of the cocoon:

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Tesco was relatively mum on Woodgate’s disturbing surprise, but offered to replace her trash bin and vacuum cleaner.

So, just how venomous is the wandering spider? One bite from the insect is powerful enough to kill 225 mice.

Sources: Metro, MailOnline

Photo Credit: Cascade


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