U.K. Teenager Sentenced to Jail Time For Raping Friend


A male from the U.K. has been sentenced to 10 and a half years in jail for raping and assaulting a girl he was friends with after she did not respond to one of his text messages.

Daniel Plater, 19, was arrested also for trying to strangle the girl he raped and for setting fire to her pajamas on New Years Eve. The teenager from Manchester showed up to the girl’s house with an imitation firearm and threatened to kill her while forcing her to perform sexual acts, according to the Inquistr.

“I have a surprise for you,” Plater allegedly said to the girl. ”You don’t know the kind of thing I am capable of. I do not feel like letting you live.”

The girl said that she was out with friends on New Years Eve and had not looked at her phone for some time, so she did not respond to the message.

The girl escaped from Plater and managed to call the police, who found him on the property and arrested him.

“This was a terrible act that has deeply affected the victim. For reasons only known to Plater himself, he was jealous and attempted to control her,” said Detective Constable Dorothy Orr, from the Greater Manchester Police. “When she did not reply to his text, something inside him snapped and he decided to take his anger out in the most horrific of ways.”

Source: The Inquistr, Photo Credit: The Inquistr


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