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UK Teacher Who Says It's OK to Be Gay Pressured into Resigning

A gay U.K. teacher has been forced to resign after complaints from parents that he was telling students it was ok to be gay.

Andrew Moffat, a teacher at Birmingham’s Chilwell Croft Academy, was criticized by mostly Muslim parents for his alleged encouragement of homosexuality, the Daily Mail reports.

Moffat is the other of several books on homosexuality and equality, including “Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools,” a text he and other teachers use to teach literacy to primary schoolers. In one lesson,

Moffat has also led teacher trainings on preventing bullying.

“In my work I have met with some challenging views from different sections of the community,” Moffat told The Sunday Times.

“Some Christian and some Muslim parents have told me they don’t want their children learning that it’s OK to be gay.”

Moffat said he came out at school because he felt that the “right time” to let his 10 and 11 year old students know they knew a ga person. A group of students had held up a poster they’d made reading “gay is good” at as assembly.

The school released a statement on the Moffat’s resignation.

“A minority group of parents… objected to some of the resource books being used in literacy lessons with some of the oldest children in the school, which explored relationships with different families.

“The… objections were primarily voiced by those whose own religion took an opposing stance to homosexuality.”

Liam Nolan, a gay head teacher at another Birmingham academy, said he was “incredibly shocked that an assistant head teacher who was doing incredible work around relationship education had been intimidated by a small group.”

The paper reports that Moffat has accepted another teaching position outside of Birmingham.

In another turn, rumors circulated that Muslim parents were conspiring to oust non-Muslim teachers. The school is one of at least 12 being investigated by the Department of Education on allegations that Muslim practices were being introduced in secular schools after a letter titled “Operation Trojan Horse” was circulated, allegedly a blueprint for Islamic takeover of public education.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sunday Times


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