U.K. School Bans Birthday Parties Unless Everyone Is Invited


An elite U.K. private school is setting a strict rule to parents: invite the whole class to their children’s birthday parties, or don’t have the party at all.

Headmaster Mark Brearey of Kingswood Preparatory says that not inviting everyone is “divisive and unkind” to other students, the Daily Mail reports.

Brearery wrote a letter to parents saying its “Christian ethic is about being inclusive.”

“Please could you avoid bringing any party invitations into school that do not include all children in a particular class or year group,” Brearey wrote. “This goes completely against our policy of inclusion for every single child and is divisive and unkind.”

While Brearey says most parents support the decision, it has met some backlash.

Critics worry that this will make children’s birthday parties more expensive.

“Kids should invite their friends in numbers the parents have budgeted for,” Joanne Oliver, a parent, said. “Why invite a kid who’s been harassing you at school all term?”

Other parents voiced out their displeasure by going to Facebook to call it “ridiculous.”

But Brearey hasn’t wavered from his decision, which he says was designed to prevent children who are left out feeling upset. Some parents have come to the headmaster’s defense.

“He’s not forcing parents to host 30 plus kids, just don’t hang out the invites at school,” said parent Nicholas Roper.

“What we are saying is that actually handing over party invitations to some of the group in front of people is not the way we would like it to happen,” Brearey added. “Ninety-nine percent of our parents are in total agreement with that.”

He said if parents insisted on inviting only a few of their child’s friends, they could do so privately, such as through email.

Source: Daily Mail


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