UK Rescue Center Looking For Owner For "Britain's Most Unwanted Dog" (Video)


A British animal rescue center is asking the public to help with adopting a dog that is called the most unwanted dog in Britain.

Jed, a lurcher, was taken in by Dogs Trust at four-months-old, and seven years later, he has reportedly been rejected by close to 17,000 potential owners since first landing in the rescue center.

On two occasions, Jed has been adopted, but both families returned him to Dogs Trust; one returned him because they thought he had too much energy, and another was forced to because of changing circumstances.

Now, Dogs Trust is making a desperate appeal to the public to help find Jed a loving family.

“Jed came into us from another kennels as a four-month old puppy,” said caretaker Nikki Holroyd. “He has been rehomed a couple of times but circumstances have changed and it hasn't worked out. He is really cuddly and he loves affection. He spends his day in the office with all the staff, laying on a duvet. Lurchers often get overlooked. People are put off by how much exercise they think they need but they don't need too much. Jed has been in kennels for a long time and he just needs someone to give him a chance.”

A Dogs Trust spokesperson says that Jed is really well behaved and loves to be affectionate, and they hope to find him a home soon. Reports say that the rescue center has never had a dog stay there as long as Jed.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror


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