UK Reporters Sneak Printed Gun Through Transit Security

Two reporters have confirmed the fears of security officials everywhere by successfully smuggling a 3D printed gun onto the Eurostar train. The two men managed to transport the weapon from London to Paris without raising any suspicions.

Dubbed “the Liberator” by its creator, the highly controversial 3D printed gun is made entirely out of plastic except for the metal bullet. That makes the Liberator nearly impossible to detect with many metal detectors – a fact that reporters Simon Murphy and Russell Myers exploited to smuggle the weapon aboard the Eurostar train.

The reporters broke the gun into three pieces and concealed the parts in their clothes. They later assembled the weapon “in just 30 seconds” after they passed through airport-style security.

They wrote, “We then walked through the usual security procedures, manned by UK Border officials. We placed our luggage and metal objects, including loose change and watches, in plastic trays which were then passed through airport scanners. But although we were carrying parts of a potentially deadly weapon, we were able to walk through a metal detector without triggering the alarm.”

Murphy and Myers chose not to smuggle the firing pin or bullet through security for legal reasons, though they pointed out that the extra parts “could easily be concealed.”

Security officials have reacted swiftly to the news. Lord West, the former Labour security Minister, said, “These weapons are extremely dangerous because they are very difficult to detect with the methods we normally use. This is going to be a real problem, no doubt about it. People are going to have to rethink whether we need more checks.”

Aviation security analyst Chris Yates added, “If Eurostar security can be breached in this way, then so can airport security processes. Authorities should be extremely worried.”

This is troubling news for gun control advocates and gun rights advocates alike. Terrorists and criminals could sneak these guns in airplanes and other high-security areas, and security officials will probably react by making security checkpoints even more miserable than they already are. 

Source: Dailymail


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