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UK Politician George Osborne's Cat Accused of Being Spy

A cat owned by UK politician George Osborne is now being accused of being a spy for the Chinese after it went missing.

The politician bought the cat in 2009, and a few months later, it ran away for three years.

His wife received a phone call saying the cat, named Freya, had been found. Since the cat had a electronic chip embedded in the skin to locate its owners, some government officials are now claiming she was bugged with devices to spy.

"Some of us think the Chinese got her. She can get everywhere. You'd only have to bug her and you could find out half the Government's secrets," a source said.

Other reports say that the cat has unrestricted access to many secure areas within the government, making her the perfect spy.

Though other reports say the cat was simply being looked after by a neighbor. The neighbor didn't know the cat belonged to Osborne until they took the cat to the vet and the veterinarian scanned her for a microchip.

Osborne himself has denied allegations that his cat was a spy for the Chinese government. He finds the claims amusing.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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