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UK Paintball Company Seeks Human Target with "High Pain Threshold" to Test New Paintballs

A paintball company has put out a highly unusual – and not to mention very specific – job description.

“We want to hear from people with a high pain threshold and those to whom fear is a foreign concept,” said Justin Toohig, the founder of UK Paintball.

The company is looking to employ someone to test new batches of bullets – and is promising the selected candidate a wage of $63,000.

What does the job of “human bullet impact tester” entail? Primarily, being fired at with paintballs to check their safety. The role is necessary to help with health and safety checks around the busy Christmas and New Year time.

The job offers flexible working hours of around one to two hours a day, and a pro rate salary of $63,000.

While the paintball shots will be carried out and monitored by trained and experienced professionals, the job description notes that the role may pose a small risk of pain, discomfort and some bruising.

Furthermore, the applicant may also occasionally have to wear limited items of clothing while the bullets are being tested, in order to research some “worst case” scenarios. The applicant will be required to alternatingly stand on the spot, walk, run, and jump as the bullets are fired at him/her.

Toohig said the role is ideal for students or young adults hoping to save some cash.

“Whoever is handed the role will essentially need to be shot at for roughly an hour or two a day, Monday to Friday,” said Toohig.

Toohig added that “whilst the recruitment of this role may seem somewhat unusual, it is important for our health and safety checks that before any new batches of paint balls are given to paying customers, we check for faults and monitor the damage they can do to the body if they hit an area not protected by safety gear or clothing.”

Sources: Mirror, English News / Photo Cred: Mirror, Kosumai


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