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UK Officials Detain Partner Of Guardian Journalist Glenn Greenwald For Nine Hours

The partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald was detained for nine hours by British authorities while he was traveling through London's Heathrow airport.

Authorities held David Miranda, a Brazilian national, “under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000." Greenwald worked on a number of stories about Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency leaks.

"They never asked him about a single question at all about terrorism or anything relating to a terrorist organization," Greenwald said. “This is obviously a serious, radical escalation of what they are doing. He is my partner. He is not even a journalist.”

Greenwald says the "intimidation and bullying" of Miranda will not stop him from reporting on the security leaks and that incident has only strengthened his resolve to keep doing his job, Newser reported.

“This is obviously a rather profound escalation of their attacks on the news-gathering process and journalism," Greenwald wrote. "It's bad enough to prosecute and imprison sources. It's worse still to imprison journalists who report the truth. But to start detaining the family members and loved ones of journalists is simply despotic. Even the Mafia had ethical rules against targeting the family members of people they felt threatened by. But the U.K. puppets and their owners in the U.S. national security state obviously are unconstrained by even those minimal scruples.”

He added: “If the UK and U.S. governments believe that tactics like this are going to deter or intimidate us in any way from continuing to report aggressively on what these documents reveal, they are beyond deluded. If anything, it will have only the opposite effect: to embolden us even further. Beyond that, every time the U.S. and U.K. governments show their true character to the world — when they prevent the Bolivian president's plane from flying safely home, when they threaten journalists with prosecution, when they engage in behavior like what they did today — all they do is helpfully underscore why it's so dangerous to allow them to exercise vast, unchecked spying power in the dark.”

Sources: Newser, The Guardian


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