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UK Man Who Locked Wife In Shed During Fight Receives No Jail Time

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Andrew Salmon, the 42-year-old UK resident who locked his wife in a garden shed after she insulted his recently deceased mother, has been spared jail time. 

Instead, Salmon was issued a 24-month community order, requiring him to join a relationship counseling program. He was also issued a $160 (£100) fine in addition to $242 (£145) in damages. 

Salmon spoke candidly regarding the incident, claiming that he had been suffering from depression and his wife was not supportive during his time of grieving. 

“She never really got on with my mum or any of my relatives and when my mum died she was horrible and offered me no support - she was extremely unsympathetic,” Salmon said, “She would sing ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ from time to time and didn’t even come to her funeral. It was a really difficult time for me and my family. I decided to lock her in the shed as I knew it would really annoy her and that she would be able to get out.” 

The 42-year-old woman eventually escaped through a shed window and returned to the couple’s home to continue the fight, the Daily Mail reports.

“I shouldn’t have done it and I am sorry but I was provoked into doing it and she gave as good as she got. The things she was saying about my mum were horrible,” Salmon said, explaining that his wife was also an instrumental part of the incident, “She was kicking, biting and screaming. I’m sorry the argument ever happened but I never punched her.” 

Salmon’s case was heard by a Magistrates court in Truro, Cornwall, where the couple lives.


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