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UK Man Uses Ebay To Trick His Mom Into Accepting His Own Kidney


A loving son whose mother was suffering from kidney damage generously offered to donate his own kidney. The mother rejected his offer fearing that he was putting his own life “at risk” by helping her.

That’s when bank manager, Imran Najeeb, 34, from Blackburn, Lancs, tricked his mother into thinking he was already selling it on EBAY.

Taking advantage of his mother’s lack of English understanding, he showed her a picture of a kidney on Google and said it was his.

"Look mum - I'm selling my kidney on eBay and someone's going to pay me $14,519 for it,” he told her.

His plan worked when mom Zainab, 52, responded, "Why would you sell your kidney to a complete stranger when you could give it to me?"

One day Najeeb overheard his mother talking on the phone to his cousin in Pakistan about possibly buying a kidney and getting the transplant overseas – that’s when he decided to take urgent action.

"As a child, you sometimes have to play your parents. I had to do this to trick her into accepting my kidney as I was just so desperate to help her."

The two have now gone through the kidney transplant and are recovering well, according to The Express.

"But although my mum initially agreed, she then changed her mind and told me she didn't want to take my kidney,” he said.

"She said if anything happened to me, she would never forgive herself. We were both trying to be selfless but I desperately wanted to donate to her.

"I even asked the doctors if I could donate anonymously without my mum knowing but they told me they couldn't legally do this."

The family's troubles started around eight years ago when Zainab began feeling sick, lost weight and started suffering from headaches and had high blood pressure.

Lab tests revealed Zainab had kidney damage and specialists found that her kidneys were only functioning at 25 percent.

A mother of six and grandmother of 13, Zainab ended up on hemodialysis at the hospital three or four times a week.

"Dialysis was physically and emotionally draining for my mum,” Najeeb said.

"She was also losing out on family time with her children and grandchildren as every second day, she was in hospital for four or five hours a time."

Najeeb is one of six siblings and is the eldest son, according to The Daily Star.

"As the eldest son and brother, I felt it was my responsibility and I didn't let any of my brothers and sisters take the tests,” he said.

The tests took around a year to complete and revealed that Najeeb was a perfect match. The kidney transplant was performed in Manchester.

Sources: The Express, The Daily Star / Photo credit: The Express

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