UK Man Peiris Stabbed To Death Making Final Delivery As Pizza Driver

A man set to soon move up in the world lost his life on Sunday when he was stabbed to death at the wheel of his car while making his final pizza delivery.

The victim is UK resident Thavisha Peiris. Peiris, 25, had recently accepted a job as an IT consultant and was working his final day as a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver on the day he was stabbed. South Yorkshire police do not have any suspects at this time, and say the stabbing may have been a motiveless crime.

"At the moment we don't have any positive leads in terms of who is responsible,” said South Yorkshire Dept. Superintendent Lisa Ray."This isn't a major road or a cut-through to anywhere else so we do believe that it is somebody within this local community or somebody with contacts in this community that they may have been visiting."

Peiris left the Domino’s at 9:50 pm on Sunday night to make what would have been his final pizza delivery with the company. Domino’s received a call from Peiris’ customer about an hour after Peiris left saying their pizza still had not been delivered. His coworkers went searching for him. They found him dead in his car in a parking lot near where he was supposed to make his delivery.

"It is urgent that anyone who saw him, or his car, or anything that they now regard as suspicious, comes forward without delay,” Ray said. "A family is grieving for a young man whose life has been taken from him in the most brutal of fashions, and we owe it to him and his family to find the person or persons responsible".

South Yorkshire police arrested several suspects in the relation the murder, but all have since been released without charges.

Peiris’s parents, whom live in Sri Lanka, will be travelling to UK for their son’s funeral. 

Sources: BBC, Metro


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