Bulldogs Tear Off Man's Arm


A British dog owner screamed for help as his two American bulldogs tore off his arm, according to one eyewitness.

Witnesses attempted to stop the dogs from attacking the Durham County man with golf clubs and garden tools until the bulldogs finally ran from the scene.

“People were behind the dogs in a car beeping the horn constantly to try and scare the dogs away,” one witness said. “'Eventually the dogs stopped and ran away, and while they were running one of them was hit by a car, several times I think, but it still continued to run away.”

Neighbors were terrified until one dog was shot by a police officer and the other was caught. The search for the second dog involved a force helicopter and armed officers.

The 47-year-old owner was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle where he received treatment for serious injuries. Though officials would not comment on the nature of the man’s injuries, they confirmed that the damage was not life-threatening.

“I saw blood and his arm was literally torn off, his clothes were torn or pulled off and he was just squirming about screaming for help and eventually it looked as if he just gave up,” the witness said. “I've never seen something so vicious and brutal in my life.”

Durham City Neighborhood Inspector Dave Coxon noted that it was a shocking event for those who witnessed it and thanked the public for their aid in assisting the man. Coxon added that he and his team would be in the area to offer reassurance and support throughout the day.

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail


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