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Tarantula Survives Three Weeks Inside Mail Package (Photo)

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A U.K. man was shocked when he opened a package addressed to his home and found a tarantula inside.

Inside the package was a Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula, also known as the Brazilian salmon pink birdeater. It is the third largest spider in the world, according to The Guardian. The package is believed to be meant for the previous owner of his property, since the label on the package read “return to sender.”

According to the dates on the package, the box had gone unopened for about three weeks. During that time, the spider’s tissue bedding had gotten moldy.

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(Left: package where Sid was found, Right: Sid the spider. Photo Credit: SWNS)

The man took the spider to Highcroft veterinary group in Bristol, England, where it was examined and determined to be in bad health.

“When I examined the tarantula it was clear it was very unwell, as it was showing signs of dehydration and had lost a lot of hair from the abdomen,” Sonya Miles, a vet at Highcroft, said, according to The Guardian. “Mold can affect tarantulas very negatively so, with the exposure to the fungus and being stressed after circulating in the post for so long, I’m surprised it even survived.”

Miles noted that it’s legal to send living creatures through the mail in England as long as they’re clearly labeled. In this particular situation, the package adhered to regulations but was victim to an unlucky series of events that resulted in its abandonment.

Miles has since taken the spider to the North Somerset Reptile Rescue. She hopes to find the spider, Sid, a new home when he is calm and can be handled. 

Sources: Metro, The Guardian

Photo Credit: Highcroft Vet Group, WikiCommons


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