UK, Germany, France Give Putin 48 Hours To Grant Full Access To MH17 Crash Site (Video)


Britain, Germany and France are giving Russian President Vladimir Putin 48 hours to grant international investigators full access to the MH17 crash site or face new economic sanctions on Tuesday.

British Prime Minster David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande announced Sunday morning that they are “prepared” to pass tougher sanctions against Russia.

British Prime Minster David Cameron criticized the European Union for showing a lack of “resolve” after the Malaysia flight was shot down over Ukraine Thursday. Cameron compared it to Europe’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Cameron is scheduled to speak with Putin this evening, a Downing Street spokesman told the Daily Mail.

“All three leaders agreed that the immediate priority is to secure access to the crash site and to ensure that specialist teams are able to recover the victims and return them home,” the spokesman said.

“They agreed President Putin has an important role to play by persuading the separatists to grant access and to work with the international community to ensure that all that needs to be done can be done as soon as possible,” he continued. “They also agreed that the EU must reconsider its approach to Russia and that foreign ministers should be ready to impose further sanctions on Russia when they meet on Tuesday.”

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told BBC News Sunday that he will travel to Brussels on Tuesday to convince other European leaders “to agree to go further in terms of sanctions if Russia hasn’t radically changed its position by them.”

“We have been very forward leaning in the argument around sanctions against Russia - for its illegal annexation of Crimea, for its destabilization of Ukraine,” Hammond said. “Some of our European allies have been less enthusiastic and I hope that the shock of this incident will see them now more engaged, more willing, to take the actions which are necessary to bring home to the Russians that when you do this kind of thing it has consequences and they are lasting consequences."

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC News

Image credit: World Economic Forum


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