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UK Dad Ditches Toddler To Ogle Models

Well, he won't win any dad of the year awards.

A British man was shamed on social media and booted from an exhibit after he left his toddler alone on the floor of a science fiction convention so he could mingle with models.

The father was wheeling his son around in a stroller at the  MCM Comic Con in Birmingham when he caught sight of the 18-plus section, which featured glamour models and page 3 girls appearing in person. He parked his son's stroller at the front of the adults-only exhibit and walked inside alone, the Daily Mail reported.

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No doubt visions of models were dancing in his head, but reality didn't live up to fantasy when the glamour models turned on the negligent dad.

"One of the models in Memorabilia's Glamour Zone noticed the pushchair and called security, who were only seconds away,' Essex page three pin-up Holly McGuire told the Mail. "They immediately dealt with the situation, escorting the gentleman to his pushchair. Many of us are mothers ourselves and no-one wants to see a young child left alone, even for a short time."

"Page three girls" are models who appear topless in British tabloids, a trend that began with The Sun, a daily newspaper, in 1970.

Getting scolded by models and thrown out of the adults-only event wasn't the only embarrassment for the British father, according to the Daily Mail. Another person at the convention snapped a photo of the abandoned stroller from behind, with the little boy's legs dangling from the seat and visible in the frame.

The image was shared more than 10,000 times on social media, the newspaper reported. The uploader, who described the absent dad as "definitely not a porn star," captioned the photo: "Some guy ditched his child in front of the meet and greet at MCM Birmingham."

Despite the high profile shaming, the man's identity remained a secret on Friday, although not for lack of trying on the part of the media: A story in the Daily Mail asked convention-goers to email a reporter if they could identify the absentee dad.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Photo source: millb004/imgur

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