Muslim Couple Racks Up $566,000 Legal Bill In Fight To Shave Daughter's Pubic Hair

An odd and expensive legal battle in England was dropped recently.

A British couple, who remains unnamed, racked up a $566,000 legal bill in an effort to be granted the right to shave their disabled daughter’s pubic hair. The couple wanted to shave their daughter in accordance with Muslim tradition.

The daughter, referred to as ED in court documents, has been under the care of her local council since 2008. In 2011, ED’s parents applied to the family court have their daughter returned home. Everything went smoothly until the parents raised the issue of shaving their daughter’s pubic hair. The local council questioned whether the disabled daughter has the mental capacity to consent to her hair being removed.

For one reason or another, the issue wasn’t easily resolved. The case flew up the judicial ladder and was set to be heard at London’s High Court soon. A huge legal bill was amassed along the way – local authorities incurred $223,000 in fees, a solicitor speaking on behalf of the girl was due $210,000, and the couple racked up a $132,000 legal bill themselves.

Then, out of nowhere, the parents dropped their case. The amount of time, effort, and money invested in the case has left a member of London’s High Court, Justice Roderic Wood, stunned.

"I thus remain utterly baffled by the course this litigation has taken, and perplexed by this lack of clarity in their case,” Wood said.

"Obtaining a 10-day slot of a High Court Judge's time is not easy, for there are many competing cases of equal if not greater urgency than this one.

“…This is an astonishing sum of money," the judge continued, “particularly when one considers...that the ultimate resolution is that the parents have, ultimately with their own 'consent', agreed to orders which dismiss any hope of ED coming to live with them and a significant reduction in her contact with them."

According to The Telegraph, UK taxpayers will now be left to cover the entire bill. This concludes your daily dose of weird.

Source: The Telegraph, Metro


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