UK Bank Insists on Speaking to 6-Month-Old About His Savings Account

A call center operator at Halifax Bank insisted on speaking directly to the account holder of a new savings account.

However, he could be waiting a while.

The account belongs to 6-month-old Harry Nicholls, whose parents had recently set up a Kids Regular Saver account for their son. According to Mirror News, parents Jenny and Andrew Nicholls had opened the savings account to build up a nest egg for Harry when he grows up.

Jenny, 31, of Cheslyn Hay, England, called Halifax on Thursday after learning that her direct deposit into Harry’s account had failed due to incorrect details.

She explained: “We waited in the queue and entered all the account security information then the man came on the line and said ‘Is that Mr. Harry Nicholls?’ I said no. He asked if he could talk to Harry but I said he’s a baby, he can’t talk.”

“I said I’m his mum but he just said he was sorry but he couldn’t talk to me over the phone, only to the account holder.”

At first, she thought the man was joking.

“I said ‘are you being serious?’ I thought it was a joke at first and then he would notice it was a child’s account, but he was being serious.”

“It’s just daft,” she added. “Harry hasn’t said his first word yet. They must have known he was a baby when we rang up because they had all his account details on the computer.”

The parents were told that they would need to come to the bank in person to deal with it.

“Surely if it’s an under-16s account the parent and person who set it up should be able to deal with problems,” Jenny added. “We’re just going to close the account.”

According to Mirror News, a Halifax representative has apologized for the issue.

“Our Kids Regular Saver account cannot be managed over the phone and Mrs. Nicholls should have been advised of this as soon as she called us,” said the bank representative. “We’ll look into this to determine what went wrong.”

Source: Mirror News


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