Uganda Fisherman Hunts Down, Kills Crocodile That Ate Wife


Furious Uganda fisherman Mubarak Batambuze was lauded as a hero after he tracked down and killed a 25-foot-long crocodile that had eaten his pregnant wife.

Batambuze was devastated when his eight-month-pregnant wife, Demeteriya Nabwire, was eaten while Nabwire searched for firewood. Seeking revenge, Batambuze used his life savings of $7 to buy a sharp spear. Then, he took his new weapon to the river where Nabwire’s slippers and fingers were found.

Batambuze immediately spotted the crocodile and stabbed it in the stomach before hauling it’s body ashore along with the help of five fishermen. Relieved, residents raised Batambuze to their shoulders to honor his heroism.

A spokesperson for Batambuze’s Kaliro district called for the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to pay Batambuze, especially since officials have been repeatedly asked to remove or terminate the crocodile and Batambuze finally performed the task himself.

The UWA responded by noting that it doesn’t pay out for people killed by crocodiles and that it is working on sending crocodiles to national parks.

The same crocodile, weighing in at over 2,000 pounds, was believed to have eaten five other women and children in the past year. 

Sources: NY Daily News, Telegraph / Photo Credit: Flickr 


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