Uganda To Ban Mini-Skirts, Monitor Internet Activity


Uganda is seriously considering a ban on all mini-skirts as well as all other forms of “provocative” clothing on women.

A bill called the “Anti-Pornography Bill 2011” is being considered by the Ugandan parliament. The punishment for wearing a skirt in public could be as much as $10 million Ugandan shillings (roughly $2,500), 10 years in prison, or both.

The proposed bill is being pushed by Uganda’s ethics and integrity minister Simon Lokodo. Lokodo is a defrocked Catholic priest who was booted by the Vatican for his involvement in politics.

Any skirt that is above the knee would be considered illegal and subject to punishment. But it goes ever further than that, invading personal privacy to a level unseen in the United States.

"Any attire which exposes intimate parts of the human body, especially areas that are of erotic function, are outlawed. Anything above the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her," said Lokodo.

The bill would also ban any films and TV dramas that are deemed inappropriate, and monitor personal internet use to know who is watching what the government deems “pornographic material.”

"On the internet, we're going to put a monitoring system so we know who has watched which website and we know who has watched pornographic material."

For now, the draft of the law is being considered and has not yet been enacted.

Sources: DailyMail, GuardianUK


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