'It Is A Full Statue': UFO Enthusiast Claims President Barack Obama's Face Is On A Martian Rock


UFO enthusiast Scott Waring claimed recently that a picture taken by the Spirit rover in 2005 could include a Martian rock in the shape of President Barack Obama’s head.

On his blog called UFO Sightings Daily, Waring claimed that he was searching for structures on Mars when he stumbled across a rock that looked like Obama’s head.

“From the way it’s standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down,” Waring wrote. “Most people are calling these rocks carvings, but I highly doubt that this is mere rock, but instead is probably a 3D printed substance with tech printed inside.”

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Waring has also claimed that he's seen a second human face as well as the face of Scooby-Doo on the surface of Mars.

Another UFO enthusiast and writer for UFO Sightings Hotspot took the image a step further by altering it, insisting that by “cleaning” the image in a software program he had revealed that the rock held an uncanny resemblance to Obama.

Despite multiple claims that the rock appears to be an Obama formation, many have attributed the apparent similarity to face pareidolia, or a chance alignment that tricks the brain into seeing a face. The same psychological phenomenon is used to explain why people so often see the face of religious figures in everyday objects like a chicken breast.

The original image was taken from the Spirit Rover’s Pancam “Everest” panorama from a position in the Columbia Hills at the summit of Husband Hill on Mars. The image was later released online by NASA and turned into an interactive panorama.

Sources: DailyMail, Inquisitir / Photo Credit: DailyMail, PublicBooks.org


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