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UFO Caught On Camera In Mississippi Woods?

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Mississippi couple Rainer and Edith Shattles revealed surveillance footage of their property recently, suggesting that two lights that appear on camera might be a UFO.

The couple has several infrared cameras on their 150-acre property to watch deer and other animals that roam around the area. One night, two lights that appeared close together and that attracted the attention of deer lit up in the footage.

At 7:24 p.m., a deer appeared in front of one camera. At 7:29, two dim lights like headlights appeared. At 7:35, the two lights got brighter. At 7:53, a strange circular shape appeared on screen. The deer were also lit up. At 7:56, the lights focused in on the deer, then flew away.

The Shattles have insisted that the lights cannot be headlights because there’s no road in the back of their property and because the lights seemed to fly into the sky.

The couple said they have not tired of looking at the footage and have enlisted their friends to figure out what the light could be.

“It adds a little flavor to life,” Mr. Shattle said of the investigation.

Sources: Fox News, ABC News


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