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UFC Fighter Leslie Smith Beats Up Groper At San Francisco Club

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UFC fighter Leslie Smith defended a friend at a San Francisco bar after she says she was violated by a male groper.

Smith’s coach Cesar Gracie first broke the story in a Facebook post on May 30, recounting Smith’s brutal beating of the man who groped her friend.

“Dirtbag decides to sexually harass group of females,” Gracie wrote. “What he didn't know was that 2 of the women were MMA fighters currently in the UFC ... (Smith) delivered a series of elbows until the man, now having his face looking more like hamburger meat, yelled out that he was sorry and that he respected them.”

According to Smith, she was just about to enter The Mint in San Francisco with her friend and fellow fighter Heather Jo Clark, as well as Clark’s boyfriend and another female friend, when a man passed by and grabbed the friend’s butt.

“I followed him and I was like, 'Hey, you can't do that,'" Smith said. “And he was like, 'I can do whatever I want.' And I was like, 'No, you can't.' Then he turned around and spit on me and threw a big right hand."

Smith immediately blocked the man’s attempt. He then grabbed her hair, prompting her to put her skills to work.

“He had my hair, so I pushed him against a building and then I double-legged him," she said. “I took him down against the cage and then I started to take his back, but his hair was really gross and it didn't quite feel right."

Having just had meniscus surgery, Smith ultimately decided not to take his back.

“I let go of that and just dropped elbows on him,” she said. “He turned over and I just dropped elbows on him from mount against the building until he started saying, 'I'm sorry.' Then I stopped as soon as he said sorry, because that was really the only thing I went over there for."

Because police never became involved, Smith didn't plan on going public with the story. When she noticed how her friends reacted to it, she changed her mind. 

“It has given my friend and all of my female friends so much pleasure to know that happened,” she said. “It's not an unusual thing for a woman, a good-looking woman in public to get grabbed and fondled by strangers. At first, I was trying to keep the whole thing on the down low and not say anything about it, but after seeing how happy it has made so many women, I changed my mind."

Sources: MMA Fighting, Bleacher Report

Photo Credit: AP via Bleacher Report


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