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UFC Fighter Defecates While Fighting (Video)

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UFC fighter Justine Kish struggled to control her bowels during a fight with Felice Herrig June 25, leaving a bit of a mess on the floor of the octagon (video below).

During the bout in Oklahoma, Herrig had Kish locked in what's deemed a "rear naked choke," a move that's difficult to maneuver out of and often results in tap-outs. As Kish and Herrig continue to struggle around the ring, Kish defecates on the fighting surface, according to TMZ. The two fighters have little choice but to continue their fight, which eventually ended in a unanimous decision for Herrig.

After the fight, Kish took to Twitter to react to her now-viral incident.

"I am a warrior, and I will never quit #S***Happens haha be back soon," she tweeted after the bout.

SB Nation's MMA Mania blog criticized Kish for her lack of technique, pointing out that her athleticism was not enough to overcome the tactical approach taken by Herrig. The accident that Kish suffered seemed to come as a result of a choke executed by Herrig, and it's not uncommon for athletes to deal with gastrointestinal distress while undergoing extreme exercise.

Image placeholder title found that a study from The International SportMed Journal discovered nearly all -- 93 percent -- of distance runners suffered from some sort of gastrointestinal tract issue.

"GI issues are certainly a race day and long run day problem,” said Darrin Bright, the medical director for the Columbus Marathon, in Columbus, Ohio. "The most debilitating and annoying of these GI issues? The sudden and overwhelming need to evacuate your bowels. In cases of extreme frequency or discomfort, this is known as runner’s diarrhea," he explained.

When athletes run or exercise, it essentially speeds everything up, explains Dr. Stephen De Boer, a registered dietician with the Mayo Clinic.

"Contributing factors likely include the physical jostling of the organs, decreased blood flow to the intestines, changes in intestinal hormone secretion, and pre-race anxiety and stress,” said De Boer. "What is clear is that food moves more quickly through the bowels of athletes in training."

Image placeholder title

When exercising, the body increases blood flow to send oxygen to the muscles and help keep the athlete cool, Christopher P. Hogrefe, a sports medicine physician, told "But what people don't know," he warned, "is that it can decrease the amount of blood flow occurring to the intestines, causing abdominal cramping and potentially the urge to defecate."

It is not clear when Kish or Herrig will fight again.

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