UCSD Fraternity Under Fire For Soliciting Photos Of 'Rush Boobs'


Administration at the University of California, San Diego is investigating one of their fraternities for soliciting topless photos from at least one female student after she posted a screenshot of the request on Facebook.

Sophomore Rachel Friedman said that Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) member Spenser Cornett asked her for the "rush boobs" photo for his fraternity on Oct. 15, according to the Daily Mail.

"If you or any of your friends can help me out I would really appreciate it," a portion of the message read. "I don't need faces I just need topless pics with 'Rush SAE' written on their chests."

Unfortunately for Cornett, he asked the wrong woman.

"To be quite honest, I'm pretty offended that you even asked me that and I find the whole idea to be degrading," the women's rights activist wrote before taking a screenshot and posting the image to her Facebook page.

The exchange spread like wildfire. Hundreds of social media users shared the image before Facebook took it down.

"Rush boobs: I hadn't heard about that until today but it's apparently something other girls have been asked to do for all different types of frats," Friedman told NBC San Diego.

Cornett later requested that she remove the exchange, but Friedman refused, saying that "rush boobs" are indicative of a larger problem.

"It is common practice and goes along with the rape culture," she said. "It is more common in Greek life than any other aspect."

Friedman and Cornett first met a year ago at a "Free the Nipple" gender equality event.

"The premise of going topless for 'Free the Nipple' is exactly opposite of exposing myself without even my face being there, just exposing my body to say, 'Join this frat, join this group of men,'" Friedman explained.

UCSD and the SAE chapter office are investigating the incident and have suspended Cornett, a spokesperson said.

SAE said in a statement to NBC San Diego that they "will be investigating the details surrounding this case and may take additional corrective actions, as necessary" in accordance with their "zero-tolerance policy."

"Our membership experience is based on concepts that promote the development of brothers — and not on the kind of immature behavior that stereotypes the Greek-letter community," the organization said.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC San Diego / Photo credit: Facebook


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