UC Berkeley Students Protest Domino's Pizza For Using Cow's Milk (Video)


The Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy, a UC Berkeley animal rights organization, held a protest outside a Domino's Pizza restaurant last Saturday to protest the company's use of cow's milk in pizzas and a recent ad campaign.

The group wrote on its Facebook page: "Domino's was the target of our protest since they had recently released a new pizza box that 'thanked' the mother cows they exploited for milk."

The ad on pizza boxes states: “This pizza couldn’t have been made without help from Stella, Edna, Abigail, Estelle and Nancy.”

The animal rights protesters chanted outside the Berkeley, California, eatery, passed out leaflets and held a sign that read, "Milk Comes From Grieving Mothers" (video below).

One protester says in the video, “I’m here because I love my mom, and I would never want her to endure a life of violence and violation.”

“[The ads are] extremely misleading and part of corporate humane-washing,” Kitty Jones, a UC Berkeley junior, told The Daily Californian. “It makes it look like they care about animals’ lives, when really they make massive profits on animal exploitation.”

In response, Tim McIntyre, VP of communications for Domino’s, told The Daily Californian via email, “Dairy producers across the country care deeply about the care and well-being of their herds, as they are essential to their livelihoods."

Sources: Facebook, The Daily Californian / Image Credit: Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy Screenshot


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