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UC Berkeley Exposes Kids to 'Pin-The-Tail on the Anus' Game

The University of California at Berkeley was celebrating "National Condom Week" last week when a group of school children touring the campus were exposed to some unusual educational sex games for college students.

A group of elementary and middle school students were led through the quad area while college students played “pin-the-tail on the anus” and threw condoms into poster board cut outs of vaginas and anuses.

The campus’ health services division described other activities as "insertive condom fisting activity to show how stretchy these sexy condoms can be” and how to “properly use insertive condoms in a vagina or anus.”

In addition to the sex games, there was also a man dressed as a giant penis handing out condoms.

According to, UC President Janet Napolitano was visiting UC Berkeley on the same day as the kids.

"All day long, little kids were prancing by the dental dam demonstrations, sex-themed games of chance, and the guy in the penis suit," college student Claire Chiara told Campus Reform.

"It was poor planning on the part of the Tang Center to put up the Sex Ed tent in front of Sproul Hall, as that is the most popular spot on campus for tour groups to stop," added Chiar.

Sources: and Campus Reform


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