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Uber Driver Tells Cancer Patient She 'Deserves' Her Disease After She Cancels Ride

A New York woman says she was told that she “deserves cancer” after canceling an Uber ride when she was done with a radiation treatment.

25-year-old Alexandra Craigle has been battling lymphoma for some time, and following a radiation treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, she decided to cancel the Uber ride she had previously booked and go with a cab instead.

Craigle says that once she cancelled, she was shocked to receive three calls, texts and a voicemail from the Uber driver she cancelled on bashing her. One of the text messages she received said, “You are not human” and when Craigle explained her situation to the driver, she was allegedly told, “I think you deserve what happened to you.”

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Craigle, who had shingles and wanted to leave her treatment right away rather than wait for the Uber ride, says she complied with the company’s five-minute grace period, but despite following the cancellation protocol, the driver still berated her.

Following the explosive situation, Uber released a statement saying they do not tolerate drivers behaving the way this one did and have already fired him.

“Uber has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening language on our platform, and as we have done in this instance, we immediately deactivate any driver found in violation of that policy,” said Uber in a statement.

The NY Daily News reports that even though Uber offered Craigle a free ride worth $30, she has vowed not to use Uber in the future.

Sources: NY Daily News, BoingBoing, Fox 8 News


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