Uber Driver Finds Man's Life Savings (Video)


An Uber driver in Chicago did a good deed for one of his passengers (video below).

Jose Figueroa drives an Uber ride-sharing car to make ends meet.  He usually drives at night, and prefers the airport routes to make extra money, WGN-TV reports. 

When Figueroa picked up a Ukrainian man at O'Hare airport, the ride started out normally.  But after Figueroa dropped the man off, he noticed something in the back seat -- the man's wallet. 

Figueroa opened the wallet and found the man's ID inside, along with $3,000 in cash.

Figueroa was then faced with a moral choice, and he knew what he had to do. He immediately drove back to the area where he dropped the man off. Uber deletes the customer's phone number once a driver drops him off, so Figueroa had to go door-to-door, asking for the man by name.  

When he finally found the man and his sister, Figueroa learned the man had just sold his business in Ukraine, and that money represented his entire life savings. 

Figueroa returned the wallet to the man, and they sent him on his way with a $100 reward. 

According to KTLA, Figueroa is back driving for Uber, but shared his good deed on Facebook, where the story has since gone viral. 

Sources: WGN-TV, KTLA / Photo credit: Imgur

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