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Woman Kidnapped Outside of Los Angeles Club, According to Police (Video)

A California driver for the ride-sharing company Uber, was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a woman in Los Angeles with the intention of sexually assaulting her.

The 26-year-old victim says she did not request a ride on the app. She was intoxicated when she left a West Hollywood nightclub on Sunday night.

She dialed 911 when she woke up in a Van Nuys motel room next to Uber driver Frederick Dencer, who was reportedly shirtless. The victim told police she did not know Dencer and could not remember how she ended up at the motel.

Los Angeles police say they believe Dencer, 32, was hanging out at the club. When the drunk woman stumbled out, a valet allegedly waved Dencer over and asked him to take her home. He was not "on the clock" or logged into the Uber platform at the time.

LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon said Dencer "took advantage of the situation and drove her to a cheap motel.”

"Had this been an official Uber assignment, Dencer would have received the victim's home address with the fare, but in this case (she) was too drunk to tell him," the LAPD statement said.

He was caught on surveillance video carrying the woman into the hotel room.

In the morning, Dencer did not want her to leave.

"He wanted her to stay, but allowed her to leave," Vernon stated.

The LAPD says consumers should be concerned about using ride-sharing apps.

“On the one hand you get a cheap ride, on the other hand you don’t know who’s picking you up,” Vernon told KTLA 5.

“Hopefully others will learn from this, and thankfully she was not assaulted or injured,” he added.

Dencer’s bail was set at $1 million.

Sources: KTLA 5, New York Daily News, Daily Beast


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