U2 Guitarist The Edge Set to Rip Off Malibu Ecological Preserve

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U2 guitarist David Evans has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers and lobbyists.

That’s what it is costing him to get the go-a-head to rip off a 156-acre ecological preserve overlooking Malibu, California. The environment agency in charge of protecting the area, the California Coastal Commission, has ruled against him. But that’s no problem, not with his money. Evans took them to court and sued. But he lost. Still undaunted, Bono’s side man’s next move was to get the law changed.

Allegedly, Evans paid lobbyist to haggle with state legislators in order to change the environmental protection laws. That’s how much he wants to despoil the virgin land with five new multi-million dollar estates. Yes, you got it right. Five estates! One mansion was not enough for the guy who calls himself The Edge. No. He wants to subdivide and make a couple hundred million in the process. And reportedly, the idea of Bono living in one of the mansions rocked the legislators’ hearts.

Lobbyist that Evans hired pushed a bill to downsize the Coastal Commission through the California state Assembly 53-11. That’s how much capital Bono has here. If Bono’s boy wants it, well, OK. No need to guard the coast against erosion or to keep the beaches open to the public. No need to preserve this area where one-of-a-kind species live. Build high rises, towers that reach towards God, whom the band worshiped in their youth, but have now abandoned.

Yet, why should you worry? It’s just capitalism at its best, anyway. And maybe if U2 gave a free concert for Romney that would soothe the raw nerves of Malibu’s Republican billionaires, who do not want their view despoiled by these rip-off rockers.


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