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U.S. Pledges to Contribute to $100 Billion Climate Aid Fund

Excitement is running through the corridors here
at the Copenhagen climate change conference because Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton has pledged that the U.S. will contribute to
a fund that would disburse $100 billion in yearly climate aid to
poor countries by 2020.

At a press conference just now, UNFCCC executive secretary Yvo
de Boer welcomed the announcement, adding, however, that he is
eager to know just how much the U.S. would be contributing to the

The AP

Clinton says that the financing is contingent on world leaders
reaching a broader climate pact at the U.N. talks in

She says the deal must include all major economies, meaningful
actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions and a system to ensure all
parties' actions are transparent.

On the point that whatever deal is reached in Copenhagen must
include all major economies, China and other countries have made it
clear that they will not commit to legally binding targets nor to
independent auditing. The U.S. says that it can accept nothing
less. Who will blink? Stay tuned.

The conference is scheduled to conclude on Friday, but everyone
here expects to be here late on Saturday.


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