TySean Williams Shot And Killed While Defending Grandmother


The grandmother of a 15-year-old boy says her grandson was killed after trying to protect her from two men who broke into her house.

“He did everything he could, he was saving me, he was so small, he was saving me,” Pearl Williams told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Two men came knocking at Williams’ door last Wednesday night and then opened fire on the teen when he came to his grandmother’s aid. TySean was shot several times, authorities say. He was rushed to the hospital, taken into surgery and later pronounced dead.

The heartbroken grandmother retold the details of that night to the Democrat and Chronicle:

The one with the gun got his hand through the door and pointed the gun at me, what’s when my baby ran out of his room and he pushed the guy with the gun into my cabinet, and he pushed him so bard I thought I heard a crack, but when TySean turned around to see if I was okay the guy kind of got his computer… and he pushed TySean into my stove and he got his gun and he went ‘bang, bang, bang’ and he shot him. And he pushed the door again and shot him again.

Authorities say TySean was not the intended target; the two men broke into the home looking for someone else.

“He was not the intended target, but a horrible set of circumstances led to his death,” Assistant District Attonrey Perry Duckles said.

Police have charged two Rochester men in connection with the murder. Pedro Diaz, 18, and Taiquan Elmore, 22, pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges on Tuesday and are expected to return to court later this week.

TySean’s father, Cornelius Portis, attended the suspects’ arraignment for his son, he said.

“I had to be here for [my son] today,” Portis said. “TySean, he was a good kid … He was taken for nothing.”

A childhood friend of TySean, Starmeshia Jones, started a petition on MoveOn.org called “Strengthen Gun Trafficking Laws: Remembering TySean.” She hopes it brings awareness to gun violence in the community.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports TySean’s death as the city’s 33rd homicide so far this year.

Sources: ABC News, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


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